What is the Keep-Current Project?

Keep Current Project is an open-source project that aims to assist students, researchers and courious to stay current with their profession, by filtering freshly released academic papers. It makes use of natural language processing (NLP), machine learning and recommendation system (RecSys) technics to adapt to the topics you wish to stay current with.

Currently, Quantitive Biology and Machine Learning articles are supported.

Machine Learning Seminar

We meet once a month to dive deeper into machine learning topics. Every meeting, a different topic is chosen. The participants are expected to read it in advance and during the meetup, we discuss and enrich each other with new and personal views, as well as teaching each other.

Our topic on March 1st 2019 is Model Interpretability.

Applied Deep Learning Course

Learn applied deep learning using the fast.ai MOOC in a group with us. The course is done in an "inverse-classroom" method. After watching the MOOC videos at home, you get a chance to explain and teach during the meeting what you've learnt. By helping each other, and teaching each other, it helps to make clear what was well undestood and what is still missing. Together, we dive even deeper with the theory behind deep learning.

To apply to this course, you should have programming and a basic mathematical background. Preferably, you should feel comfortable with programming in Python as well as having basic knowledge in Calculus and Linear Algebra.

In addition, you are required to arrive to all the course meetings. This is important to keep track with the course progress, and to build your knowledge in the field.

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